WIFI RGBW LED Controller (WS04)

  • WIFI RGBW LED Controller (WS04)
Name:WIFI RGBW LED Controller (WS04)

Product Description


Smart WiFi LED Controller with Echo Voice Control (DIM/CCT/RGB/RGBW/RGB+CCT)

Technology parameter:

Product name:         WiFi Smart LED controller
Input voltage:           DC12-24V
Output voltage:        DC12-24V

Working temperature:  -30--+50 degrees centigrade 
Control distance:         
20~40 meters
Out Control:
             DIM/RGB/CCT/RGBW/RGB+CCT LED lamps
Dimention:                  L85XW45XH23mm
Packing size:              L110XW74XH25mm
Net weight: 45g
Gross weight: 75g

Output current:

Max: 12A
DIM: 3x4A CCT: 2x4A RGB: 3x4A
RGBW: Max: 12A
RGB+CCT: Max: 12A
Output power:12V:<144W,24V:<288W

Product Features:

1. It's a series products contain: Dimming, CCT, RGB,
RGBW, RGB+CCT 5 kinds of LED controllers;
2. Adopt DC12V-24V wide voltage, it support DC12V, DC24V LED lights;
3. Main functions: DIY mode, Timer, Group, Scene, Music, Phone calling reminder etc;

4.16 million colors and convenient saturation control interface ( RGB, RGBW, RGB+CCT)
5. Can set any timer to turn on lamp, turn off lamp, and set different lighting mode alarms.
6. Works with Amazon Alexa, use AWS cloud to make online stability.
7. Support LAN control and Long-range control.

How to control "OPEN-LIT" smart device with Amazon Echo?
1. What you need to get started.

Before using Echo to control your smart devices, make sure you meet the following conditions.
1.1 An Echo device, including Echo, Echo Tap, or Echo Dot etc. An Amazon Alexa app and related APP account. ( If you don't have one, Please register it at http://alexa.amazon.com ).
1.2 You need to have some OPEN-LIT smart devices in hand, OPEN-LIT app and a related APP account.

2. To connect Alexa to your "OPEN-LIT" smart products via a few simple steps as below:
2.1 Download "OPEN-LIT" App in IOS, Android App m a r k e t o r s c a n t h e Q R c o d e i n t h e m a n u a l instruction;
2.2 Power on OPEN-LIT Smart devices, configure them with "OPEN-LIT" App.
2.3 Plug in Echo, download Amazon "Alexa" App from android, IOS or Amazon App market and configure Echo with "Alexa" App ( For the details pair steps please check your Echo manual instruction );
2.4 Open "Alexa" App and search "OPEN-LIT" skill from the "Alexa" App skills category;
2.5 lick and Enable the skill of "OPEN-LIT", and you'll be navigated to "OPEN-LIT" login page;
2.6 Input your "OPEN-LIT" account username and password, Click : "Link now" to link your OPEN-LIT account. Then you'll be redirect to the success page: "Alexa has been successfully linked with OPEN-LIT";
2.7 Click "Your skills" in Alexa "Skill" interface, you will find the "OPEN-LIT" skill which you just added, now you can manage this skill;
2.8  Click " Add  device"  in  Alexa  " Smart home" interface to discover the "OPEN-LIT" device. You can also say "Alexa, Discover device" to add new device;
2.9 Now all setups are finished, you can start to voice control the "OPEN-LIT" smart device by Echo;
3. To control OPEN-LIT smart device with Echo

3.1 "OPEN-LIT" have Dimming, CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGB+ CCT 5 kinds of device types, for their ' s corresponding device default names in Alexa app:
Dimming device- Dimmer CCT device- Sunlight RGB device- RGB light RGBW device- Rainbow
RGB+CCT device- Rainbow sun
3.2 You can enjoy the voice control on your home devices like these (As example of bedroom light):
RGB ( RGB l ight)/ RGBW ( Rainbow)/ RGB+ CCT (Rainbow Sun) Device:
"Alexa, discover my devices." "Alexa, turn on bedroom light." "Alexa, turn off bedroom light."
"Alexa, brighten bedroom light to 70%." "Alexa, dim bedroom light to 40%." "Alexa, make bedroom light to red." "Alexa, make bedroom light to yellow."

"Alexa, make bedroom light more red." "Alexa, set bedroom light to blue."
CCT (Sunlight) /RGB+CCT(Rainbow sun) Device:
"Alexa, dim bedroom light to 30%." "Alexa, set bedroom light to warm white." "Alexa, set bedroom light to cool white."
"Alexa, set bedroom light to daylight white." "Alexa, make bedroom light softer."
"Alexa, make bedroom light more warm." "Alexa, make bedroom light more soft." "Alexa, make bedroom light less cool." Dimming Device (Dimmer):
"Alexa, turn on bedroom light."
"Alexa, turn off bedroom light." "Alexa, dim bedroom light to 40%."
"Alexa, brighten bedroom light to 80%.".....
3.3 Group control.
You can also set up groups in "smart home" of Alexa app. Click "Add Group", input your group "custom name", then select the devices which you want to add to this group, click "save". now you can group control the devices.
Your Echo device can only be added to one smart home group at a time.

4 Note:

Some of OPEN-LIT smart devices can be switched to different types. Please delete then re-add the device if the device has been switched. (such as if a RGB device has been switched to CCT type, please delete this RGB device then re-add CCT device to Alexa)


1.Support Android 4.4 or above version, IOS8.3 or above system.
2. One WIFI device can only be controlled by one home router, usually one ordinary home router can control 4 -6 this devices.
3.Phone call remainder function only support Android smart phone.
4 Restore factory setting (if the device has been configured to other app account).

Operation steps:
A.ower on device, then power off more than 5 seconds
B. Power
on--off--on--off--on--off--on, each steps of power on to power off need within 5 seconds. the lamp flashes means factory setting successfully.


(Indoor use and for use with led lighting only)

  1. Controller's input voltage is DC12-24V, other input voltage are not allowed, please pay attention to safety when connected;
  2. Please power off the device if you don't use it for a quit long time, don't place in high dust, high temperature environment.
  3. Please do not overload, the total max output current is 12A;
  4. Please connecting the power input and LEDs in power off, and power on in correct connection. Please don't reverse the power input connection of both cathode and anode.


Name: WiFi Smart LED controller
Item No: WS01 WS02 WS03 WS04 WS05
Voltage: 12-24V
Output Current: 12A 8A 12A 12A 24A
Output Power: 12V:<144W;24V:< 288W 12V:<96W;24V:<192W 12V:<144W;24V:< 288W 12V:<144W;24V:< 288W 12V:<144W;24V:< 288W
Dimension: L85XW45XH23mm
Packing size: L110XW74XH25mm
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