230mm 316 Stainless Steel IP68 Swimming Pool LED Light

  • 230mm 316 Stainless Steel IP68 Swimming Pool LED Light
Name:230mm 316 Stainless Steel IP68 Swimming Pool LED Light

Product Description

316 Stainless Steel Underwater LED Swimming Pool Lights Specification :

Item No.PowerLED qtyLED typeSizeLED ColorVoltageMaterialIP Grade
FG-UWL230-108S10W108pcsSMD3014/2835230*35mmWarm white
AC/DC 12V316 Stainless SteelIP68
FG-UWL230-108S352818W108pcsSMD3528 3in1 RGB
FG-UWL230-9*1W9W9*1WHigh Power led
FG-UWL230-12*1W12W12*1WHigh Power led

product name: led pool light

Main Material: 316 stainless steel 
Item Number: FG-UWL230-108S/144S/252S
Material: 316Stainless steel
Voltage: AC/DC12V
Power: 10/12/18Watt
LED Type: SMD3014/SMD2835
LED Qty: 108/144/252PCS
LED Brand: Epistar
Size: 230*35mm
Color: RGB/Any singel color
Place Of Original: Shenzhen, China
Warranty: Two Year
Life Span: 50,000hours
Gross Weight: 1.2KG/PCS

Packing: 10PCS/CTNS

It is used in swimming pools, fountains, scenic ponds' illumination and decoration. 

Voltage details: 
Single color: R/Y/B/G/CW/WW         (AC/DC12V)
RGB on/off controlled                   (AC12V)
DMX512 Controlled 4wires              (DC12v)
External controlled 4wires               (DC12V)
RGB 2wires PLC controlled             (AC12V)

Color Program details for RGB on/off controlled with memory (totally 16models:
1. White (Red+Green+Blue)
3. Green
5. Skyblue(Green+blue)
6. Orange(Red+green)
8. static Blue color, Red gradually changing
9. static Green, Red gradually changing
10. static Blue, Green gradually changing
11. static white(Cool white)
12.G→B→GB→RG→RB→RGB→R Slow gradually changing in circulation
13.R→G→B→GB→RG→RB→RGB→RG→G→GB→B→RB→R gradually changing in circulation
14.R→G→B Jumpy changing from fast to Slow→R→(R→B→G) Jumpy changing from fast to Slow→(R→RB→RG→G→GB→RB→RG→GB)fast  gradually changing,then changed circulation
15,RG→G→GB→B→RB→R  Slow gradually changing in circulation
16. Program 14 +13 in Slow gradually changing in circulation
1. Adopt super-high bright LED as the light source and any single color is available, like red, green, blue, yellow, white and RGB colors. It is remote control. 
2. Adopt thick glass as the body shell which is corrosion resistant and quick heat dispelling. 
3. It is IP68 
4. Longer life-span, above 50, 000 hours. 
5. Low consumption, energy saving and environmental protecting. 
6.The light color will be more easily to heat dissipation. So they has longer life-span than normal DIP-LED PAR56 underwater light. 
7.The light is more bright-colored and more penetrating in water than normal DIP-LED PAR56 underwater light. 

1. Work with AC12V, otherwise the light will be possibly damaged 
2. This light should be installed not deeper than 50cm underwater 
3. The power wire of the lights shall be joined with other power wire out of the water. Waterproof treatment should be done if the joint is in the water otherwise there is risk for water intrusion. 
4. The light should be in the water for the test of remote function or other functions, and don't test it more than 3 minutes out of the water otherwise the light will be possibly damaged or caused disfunction. If the user is not available to test it in the water, then please shut off the light every 3 minutes to be cold for the new test 

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